Inequity In Consenting (2023)

Study Design

Prior to launching, we performed an initial study meticulously surveying 200 patients made up of 100 native English speakers and 100 patients with low English proficiency (LEP). These patients spoke Greek or Turkish as their first language. The aim of the study was to identify whether the quality of the consent was affected by patients having LEP.


The results were telling. Our survey revealed a pronounced inequity in the level of information provided to patients with LEP with a significant portion of patients with LEP not being receiving what they required to enable them to make an informed, voluntary, and capacitous decision about their healthcare. This points towards a systemic oversight overlooking the needs of those with LEP which will only, in our opinion, worsen as the NHS becomes more and more stretched.


This finding underscores a troubling breach in the ethical and legal standards of patient care, which hinge upon the patient's right to be fully informed. It's a poignant reminder of the silent struggles faced by non-native speakers in healthcare settings, often culminating in feelings of vulnerability and confusion during critical health decisions.

Our Response

In response to these findings, we are developing a targeted, innovative solution. The data from our research, soon to be published in a respected medical journal, lays the groundwork for a product designed to dismantle these language barriers. Our next step will be to rigorously test our product with appropriate focus groups to ensure that the very individuals our product is meant to serve will have a direct hand in shaping its development as we seek to also help those with accessibility barriers.

Our Future

As we proceed, the epicentre of all our decisions remains the patients' needs. We believe that truly informed consent is not just a legal formality but a pillar of trust between patients and medical professionals. We will continue to champion clear, compassionate, and competent communication as the standard across all languages and cultures by continuing to innovate until healthcare equity is achieved for all.

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